Bug reports

Submitted bug reports

These are bug reports I have reported while working on some side projects. Efforts were made to provide a patch whenever possible.

Data analysis related

Project Date Issue Type Patch attached Test case Fixed Context
htmlTable Dec 2016 Table pagination Feature Yes Yes (manual) Yes Interactive table in report, used in condformat
pbapply Dec 2016 Do not show progress bar when knitting Bug Suggestion Manual Yes Progress bar showing in report
rmarkdown Dec 2016 render_site with Rmd parameters Feature Yes Yes Not yet Writing parametrized reports
scales Nov 2016 Preserve referencial transparency Bug Yes Yes Not yet Use scales package inside for loop
shinyFiles Nov 2016 Have MyDocuments and Desktop in getvolumes Bug Yes Yes Not yet Interactive file browser
dplyr Oct 2016 combine fails to combine a list of characters with NA Bug Yes Yes Yes Data wrangling
plotly Oct 2016 Plot with geom_line(group=) shows wrong tooltip Bug Yes Yes Yes Interactive plots in R
randomForest Sept 2016 Bug combining unsupervised trees (email) Bug Yes Yes No Data analysis using random forests
shinyFiles Sept 2016 parseSavePath crashes if shinySaveButton does not have filetype Bug Yes No Not yet Playing with shiny interactive apps
formattable May 2016 Three colour gradient: compute colours through the scales package #61 Feature No Yes No Suggestion to improve color scales
rticles Apr 2016 Add \tightlist macro to elsevier format Bug Yes Not needed Yes Compatibility with pandoc > 1.14
ggplot2 Apr 2016 different scales by facet Feature No Yes Considered
mdatools Apr 2016 plotVariance fails if it's the first plot in the script Bug Yes Yes Yes (independently) Data analysis
readxl Mar 2016 Detect uppercase date time formats Bug Yes Yes Yes Data analysis
scales Mar 2016 rescale Date (and POSIXct) objects? Feature Yes Yes Yes Found plotting time series data
rmarkdown Mar 2016 Allow to specify LaTeX dependencies in knitr_meta Feature Yes Yes Yes Needed by condformat to generate PDF results
scipy Feb 2016 BUG: scipy.signal.lsim overflow error Bug No Yes Not yet Using scipy.signal for filter design classes
Anaconda docs Feb 2016 Add patch to the list of requirements Documentation Yes N/A Yes Using Anaconda (python distribution)
readr Feb 2016 Error: Incomplete multibyte sequence Bug No Yes No Bug already reported. I just gave a simple test code to reproduce it to help finding it
sixallor Oct 2015 Fix trivial case not handled well Bug Yes Yes Yes Playing with numpy
R.matlab Aug 2015 Clarify readMat documentation for v7.3 MAT files Documentation Yes Yes Yes
htmlTable May 2015 htmlTable-1.3 shows factors as integers instead of characters Bug Yes Yes Yes Found while working on condformat
broom May 2015 Add compatibility with car::Anova Feature Yes Yes Yes Found while doing data analysis
scales May 2015 Fix truncated documentation in hue_pal chroma Documentation Yes Yes Yes Found while doing data analysis
R Mar 2015 mapply gives error if USE.NAMES is character vector Bug Yes Yes Needs review
scipy Sep 2014 Fixed signal.get_window with unicode window name Bug Yes Yes Yes Found while preparing some Signal Processing lab classes
scipy-lectures Jan 2013 Minor readability improvements Documentation Yes Yes Yes
jquery-tablesorter-filter Sep 2012 Add colspan support to tablesorter Feature Yes Yes Yes Found while writing some visualizing data tool

Speech synthesis related

Project Date Issue Type Patch attached Test case Fixed Context
META-SHARE May 2016 META-SHARE installation depends on my github account Bug Yes No Yes The latest update depended on some of my forked repositories, instead of their own
mimic Mar 2016 Build lexicon and lts rules from scratch Feature Yes Yes Yes Improve text to speech in mycroft
mimic Feb 2016 Add PortAudio support Feature Yes Yes (manual) Needs testing on OSX and Windows Improve mimic multiplatform support
mimic Feb 2016 Fix library name Documentation Yes Yes Yes Working on mimic
nltk Sep 2015 Fix encoding cess corpus Bug Yes Yes Yes Playing with Part Of Speech taggers
META-SHARE Mar 2015 Change documentation format from odt, doc and docx to reStructuredText Documentation Yes Yes Yes
Festival 2014 Multiple fixes and documentation improvements Github fork Bugs, security bugs, Documentation Yes Yes Some merged I upgraded the docs from doc++ to doxygen. I added Continuous Integration testing and fixed bugs detected by a static analysis tool
META-SHARE Oct 2014 Outdated dependencies make metashare insecure Security bug Yes Yes Yes The patch included an upgrade from django-1.3 to 1.4, multiple dependencies upgraded too and automated Continuous Integration support.
django-selenium Nov 2014 Allow custom selenium webdriver options Feature Yes No Yes Found while fixing META-SHARE issues
META-SHARE Oct 2014 Avoid 500 server error with IPv6 addresses (GeoIP) Bug Yes Yes Yes
META-SHARE Sep 2012 Multiple (>60) python processes at runtask run_digest_update Bug No Helped testing patches Yes
META-SHARE Jun 2012 Improving file information on download Bug Yes Yes Yes
META-SHARE May 2012 Memory problem downloading big resource Bug No Helped testing patches Yes


Project Date Issue Type Patch attached Test case Fixed Context
nemo Feb 2017 Reproducible segfault in nemo Bug No Yes Yes Using file browser
sqct Sep 2016 Fix compiler errors and warnings Bug Yes Yes Not yet Helping a friend to build and run sqct
Fritzing Feb 2016 SVG export reverses/flips the text Bug No Yes Not yet Designing Printed Circuit Board layouts
Telegram Jan 2016 Add support for reading NFC tags Feature Yes Manual (hardware required) Needs merging Learning about Android and NFC tags
Fritzing Dec 2015 Save As uncompressed file Feature Yes No (manual) Yes (v0.9.3) Designing Printed Circuit Board layouts
tkdu Oct 2015 python3 support Feature Yes No Needs merging Visualizing remaining disk space
python-telegram-bot Sep 2015 [doc] fix "Telegram sticker" -> "Telegram user" Documentation Yes No Yes Learning about Telegram bots
Unofficial-Official-XBMC-Remote May 2015 Missing episodes in "After season" specials Bug No No No
leDashboard Oct 2013 Fix widged loading by upgrading simplepie Bug Yes Yes Yes Found while looking for replacements to iGoogle
Doxygen Sep 2013 FILTER_SOURCE_FILES=YES required to build CALL_GRAPHS Bug Partial fix Yes Yes Reported while working on isidoc
GtkRadiant Jul 2013 Fix build error Bug Yes Yes Yes Found while creating an UrbanTerror map
gitlab Jun 2013 Minor clarification in documentation Documentation Yes Yes Yes